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Our mission is to offer travelers quality resources to have its readers and visitors gain knowledge through exceptional content of what the Province of Palawan offers.

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MyResortsPalawan.com offers a one-stop approach to Palawan Adventure. We provide the following resources:

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We aim to be the leading provider of all things Palawan – helping visitors from all over the globe plan their holiday right down to the last detail. Our approach enables you to discover the many highlights of Palawan.

Why come to Palawan you may be wondering? With an abundance of things to see, do, taste, learn and experience, this province has been listed as the most popular destination in the Philippines and in Asia (and for good reason). Beautiful beaches, mild weather, rich culture, spectacular scenery, historical landmarks, vibrant atmosphere and a huge range of activities are just the start of what you can expect.

Get your travel adventure underway by browsing our excellent range of inspirational contents. Once we have helped you find the perfect place to stay, we will give you all the resources you need to plan your most rewarding Palawan Adventure yet!