Finding Family Friendly Places in Palawan

With the Holy week and summer just around the corner, you may be on the lookout for family friendly accommodation in Palawan that is: kid friendly budget friendly and central enough to be close to tourist attractions. There is certainly no shortage of places to stay in and around the province of Palawan, but places that are

5 Travel Safety Tips For Women Exploring Palawan

Would it be possible for a Pinay to travel and stay safe in Palawan? Absolutely! Even if you steer clear of resorts, don’t speak the local language and if you’re traveling alone. We created this list of safety tips for Pinays who want to go travel safely and independently around Palawan. This list of travel safety tips

8 Best El Nido Resorts for 2017

Many scenic spots and features make the Province of Palawan, especially El Nido, popular as vacation destinations, from pristine islands and clear ocean fun to awesome breath-taking landscapes and seascapes. Along with the El Nido’s natural beauty is a rich history. As it that weren’t enough of a reason to book a trip, many of