We look for travel bloggers who can contribute about the Philippine travel industry especially in Palawan and who are already active online and want to be more active.

  • Sign up for My Resorts Palawan as a Contributor. [Fill out our application form below and ensure that your e-mail is associated with a Gravatar which syncs up to provide your Avatar on My Resorts Palawan].
  • You must commit to at least one fresh 800+ word article every 60 days and to participate and share your insights on the articles published on the blog.
  • Linking out is not permitted within the text of the article unless completely necessary (to point at different resource/s that support or serve as examples to your article and the overall message you want to convey – not advertorial). Each contributor is provided with an author box (available in each article) which displays information about the writer and a link to their website. We may remove links as we see fit in an attempt to keep the site fair to all writers.
  • If you are approved to write for the site, you will be sent your log in details by email. If you haven’t used WordPress before then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the platform.
  • Create your Bio. [Includes your website and social media channels] Please email your blurb for the bio box to nmarasigan at gmail dot com however ensure you fill in your Social Media channels yourself.
  • Submit your first article [800+ words, must be original content and NOT self-promotional].
  • Once your article is published, share it on your social media channels. We also expect you to help other contributors by spreading the word online about their articles. Share and comment on other articles you see on the blog and you’ll soon become part of the community and your generosity will be reciprocated.
  • My Resorts Palawan content cannot be republished elsewhere. If you absolutely require your content to be republished, please contact our editor who will deal with each request on a case by case basis

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