8 Must See Places in Coron Palawan

Looking for a place in the Philippines to visit in summer next year? Make sure that Coron is part of your listof places to see!

In the recent years, Palawan (especially Coron)has become a must-visit destination for everyone who wants to relax, unwind, and enjoy breathtaking sights and seascapes.

Located in the province of Palawan, Coron is known for its crystal clear waters, pristine and powdery white sand and is home to one of the cleanest lakes in the Philippines, making it ideal for nature lovers, photographers and tourists.

Plan ahead and make sure to make time to check the places listed below on your trip to Coron.

Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake Coron Palawan Philippines

Dubbed as the cleanest lake in the country and in Asia, Kayangan Lake is one of Coron’s most photographed attractions. Surrounded by teardrop-like limestone fromation cliffs, the lake is a mix of freshwater and saltwater, making it a great place to swim.

Twin Lagoon

twin lagoon passage

The Twin Lagoon is one of the many beautiful lagoons in Coron. The Twin Lagoon is divided by a huge limestone wall. This masterpiece of nature has two lagoons, boats can dock at the first lagoon, while the second one can be accessed by going under a small crevice (or climbing a makeshift ladder over the rock during high tide).

Make sure to wear life jackets when swimming as the Twin Lagoon is around 60 meters deep. The water here is brackish, which is the reason behind the changing temperatures.

Siete Pecados Marine Park

Siete pecados marine park

Siete Pecados is a marine park with shallow waters off the coast of Coron Town about a 10 minute boat ride and near the Coron Island. This shallow reef is ideal for snorkelling and has some islets. the water is shallow at about 3 to 5 meters (9 to 15 feet) and is crystal clear.

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