Nightlife in El Nido

There really isn’t much of a night life in El Nido unlike Boracay where you can be out anytime of the night and party. However, there are a few cool after-dinner hang-out located along side the beach and should not be missed when traveling to El Nido.

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Top 3 Things to Do in El Nido at Night

1. Enjoy a cold beer at an affordable price.

At 30 to 40 Pesos per bottle, you can enjoy the night chilling and conversing with other tourist and friendly locals. Happy hour starts from 4pm to around 7pm.

2. Cool and relaxing beach life ambience

You can relax by the beach and enjoy the ambience of beachside living and reggae music where the hardest decision is whether to have your drinks by the beach or by the bar.

3. Feel the Reggae vibe

From original compositions to Pinoy reggae classics, to covers of the great Marley and classic rock tunes. With that cold beer in your hand and surrounded by happy locals and tourists having a great time, it’s all good!



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