16 Amazing and Interesting Facts About Palawan

Palawan is dubbed as the Philippines’ last frontier which is also one of the largest island province of the country and just recently it has been awarded as the best island in the world. The province never ceases to amaze us, and there is a lot more about the island that most people don’t know. Here are 10 facts about Palawan that might blow your mind:

1. Palawan is one of the largest island province in the Philippines.

Between the West Philippine Sea and the Sulu Sea lies the elongated island of Palawan. The island has a land area of 12,189 km2; which makes the Province of Palawan as one of the largest in the country, and places the island as the fifth largest island of the Philippines.

2. There are several versions of the origin of the name Palawan.

  • A plant the native calls “Palwa”
  • There is the Chinese word “Pa-Lao-Yu” meaning “land of Beautiful Harbors”
  • In Indian word, “Palaws” means territory.
  • In Spanish word, “Paragua” means resemblance of the island’s shape as a close umbrella

3. The biggest game preserve and wildlife sanctuary in the Philippines  is located on Calauit Island in Palawan.


Calauit Island Safari 1 by MikeOcampo

4. Best Island in the World by Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards.

Conde Nast Traveler‘s annual lists for the Reader’s Choice Awards, Palawan was again declared as the best island in the world for 2015 by their readers with an overall rating of 85.937.

cntraveler palawan readers choice award 2015

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