Top 10 Coron Resorts and Hotel

The town of Coron  boasts fine and enchanting beaches and the fortresslike, jungle-clad, rocky escarpments, is inaccessible terrain pockmarked with lakes, two of which, Lake Kayangan and Lake Barracuda, are Coron’s primary attractions. Certain beaches are perfect for snorkeling, diving and underwater photography. Flying over Coron, you see that what lies inland is majestic: We have listed

8 Best El Nido Resorts for 2017

Many scenic spots and features make the Province of Palawan, especially El Nido, popular as vacation destinations, from pristine islands and clear ocean fun to awesome breath-taking landscapes and seascapes. Along with the El Nido’s natural beauty is a rich history. As it that weren’t enough of a reason to book a trip, many of